This time I want to show the process work for the Funny Games contest. The film directed by Michael Haneke needed a jacket design for his Spanish release. After knowing the synopsis and rules, I brought several ideas on my head, so I hold a pencil and my sketchbook…


First, I thought about making a composition with the hi-res photos that they provided to us but it had been the easy way; so I choose an illustration (more compatible to which I make to eat). Before drawing the illustration I put myself to sketch schemes of the elements distribution (illustration, letters, logo) and then, I thought that it could draw the title typography based on my own writing, this photo show options that later would be render in Illustrator.


I had in mind a simple illustration, without many elements, the sketch (up) is based on one of the film scenes and the face (below) is a figurative portrait of the main character.


Finally I choose the hooded boy sketch, but with a modification in the hood whose shade now reflects a kind of smiling face (playing a little with the film title).


After finishing the sketches I ran to my nearer Xerox.


Final illustration. After scanning the final black-&-white drawing, I added colors, textures and some details with Photoshop.


Final jacket design:


The end? well, I lost the contest… but what the hell!! was a funny experience!


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